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Blog - God is at Work in Burlington: Kayla's Cupboard

God is at Work in Burlington: Kayla's Cupboard

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Angie Brown is our Coordinator at Kayla’s Cupboard food pantry in Burlington. Angie’s sweet attitude and abundant compassion are evident to all who cross her path. We asked Angie to share about her time at Harmony & how she's seen God at work at Kayla's Cupboard.


I began attending Harmony 44 years ago, back when we met in the “little church,” our current office building. As far back as I can remember, Harmony has always provided a feeling of family, growth and belonging. It was a place I felt spiritually fed.

In 2014, when Harmony opened the Burlington campus, we also we moved our food pantry to Burlington on Maple Street, renaming it Kayla’s Cupboard. God has very clearly been at work in Burlington in the past two years. Our pantry that once served less than 10 families a month now serves an average of 40 families a week!

Being a part of Kayla’s Cupboard has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Our goal has always been to bring the light of Jesus into a community desperate for hope.  


The Needs are Great: Physically and Spiritually

When people first step through the doors at Kayla’s, they come for food assistance, but often leave with much more. We offer to pray with each person who comes in. We’ve had a handful of people stop by after their appointments just to share answered prayer with us! For them to make the effort to come by and share this with us is huge. It’s just another way that God shows us he is working in the hearts of those around us. 

Since opening in 2014, we’ve seen 28 people put their faith in Jesus Christ! Recently, a young man who moved to Burlington from Chicago prayed with us to surrender his life to Christ. He was desperate for God to give him strength to overcome the temptations he was facing every single day. As the conversation went on, he said, “Oh man, I didn’t know it was going to be all of this! I just thought I was coming in here to grab a few bags!” Not everyone stays for a conversation; but we offer to pray with all who enter our doors.

So many people have far greater needs than food. We see it every day: people in our community are desperate for hope. Their greatest need is Jesus Christ, his grace, his mercy, his forgiveness, and his love.  


Community Support

God has consistently provided for us, meeting our needs so we can meet the needs of others. He’s provided the volunteers and the food! We run on donations. When our shelves are bare, the community steps up: churches, businesses, schools, families, & kids all pitch in to make sure we’re able to feed those in need. The community has been amazing.


Teaching Clients How to Cook

Very early on, we came to realize that many people didn’t cook; some lacked interest, while others lacked knowledge. In order to teach our clients how to use the food they were receiving, we began a series of cooking classes called “Tasteful Blessings.” We now have 10-15 students at these classes! Through building those relationships, we have started some Bible studies with the same people.


Food Demos & Devotionals with Seniors

Last year, we began a food demo class & devotionals at a senior citizen residential center in Burlington.  We had been delivering food to some of the residents; some had heard of our cooking classes, and invited us to do the same for them!  Though I'm quite sure many of them could teach us a thing or two, they have a ball!  We truly enjoy our time with them and look forward to our next visit.


Why a Permanent Location for Harmony’s Burlington Campus Matters

In talking with people, one thing we’ve found is that most people truly just do not know who Jesus is. It would be so helpful for the people in our community for our Burlington Campus to have a permanent location. This is what we’re called to do. This is why we were created – to give God glory, make disciples and share the hope of the gospel with everyone. It’s all for him and it’s totally worth it.  



Harmony Bible Church is 1 church with 4 locations: Danville, Burlington, Fort Madison & Nauvoo. Two of our campuses (Burlington & Fort Madison) currently meet in rented facilities. Multiply is our capital campaign to raise $4 million over 3 years for the purchase and renovation of facilities for our Burlington and Fort Madison Campuses: 550 Division St., Burlington & 1602 Avenue F, Fort Madison.

More info on Multiply




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