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Harmony Bible Church
  • Danville


      21589 DMC Highway 79
      Danville, IA 52623

      Service Times

      Sundays 10 AM

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      Campus Pastor

      Chris Carr

  • Burlington


      550 Division Street
      Burlington, IA 52601


      Sundays 8:30AM & 10:30AM


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      Campus Pastor

      Nathan Williams

  • Fort Madison

      Fort Madison

      1602 Avenue F
      Fort Madison, IA 52627

      Service Times

      Sundays 10:30AM

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      Campus Pastor

      Andrew Wiese

  • Nauvoo


      2125 Mulholland St.
      Nauvoo, IL 62354

      Service Times

      Sundays 10:30 AM

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      Campus Pastor

      TJ Widbin

Blog - Meet Ben & Katie

Meet Ben & Katie

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Ben & Katie Carter have been a part of Harmony since the late 90’s; they now attend the Burlington Campus with their 3 kids. We asked the Carters to share about their time in Burlington & at the Burlington Campus.


Why did you choose to be a part of the Burlington Campus?

KATIE: Ben and I both grew up in Burlington and we currently live there with our 3 children.  We know from our involvement in the community that many people in Burlington are struggling and hurting. There is much brokenness, and over the years we have seen and sensed a growing darkness. We wanted to shine some light into the dark places and to help offer hope and healing through Jesus Christ. It's also easier to invite friends to a Sunday service in the community they live in.

BEN: We live, work and play in Burlington.  Our main sphere of influence in others’ lives is in Burlington. To say, “the need for the gospel in Burlington is huge,” is an understatement.


How have you seen God work at the Burlington campus since it’s opening two years ago?

KATIE: We've personally had opportunities to reach out to people in Burlington that we wouldn't have had if we weren't here forming relationships. There have been decisions for Christ because people are seeing the love of Jesus through ministries like Kayla's Cupboard and the Maple Leaf Center.

BEN: God has done amazing things in Burlington. From a former sheet metal worker (Pastor Nathan Williams) preaching the Word at a young mans funeral in a public high school, to a former bar that is now a beacon of joy and love (the Maple Leaf Center), to families taking kids into their homes and raising them like their own... the list goes on. Jesus is becoming more famous daily, and the depth of Harmony's influence in the community is growing.  


"Sometimes for the hurting to see Jesus, we have to get into the pit with them and show them where they can find hope..."


Why do you think it’s important to Multiply?

KATIE: If God is directing us to do so (and we believe that He is), we must be obedient. Beyond that, I believe that sometimes for the hurting to see Jesus, we have to get into the pit with them and show them where they can find hope, who to cling to (Jesus) and the path to follow to get out.  We can't be afraid to "get our hands dirty" and get involved in the messiness of life. The only real way to do that is to be an active part of the communities in which we live and work.

BEN: We are fishers of men and rule #1 in fishing is to fish productive water. If we are willing to send missionaries around the globe to reach the lost it only makes sense to go as a church on a more local level as well.  God has positioned us for this and we need to step out and follow.


Why do you think the Burlington campus is worth giving of your time, resources, heart, relationships, and energy?

KATIE: We are blessed to be a blessing. If we truly care about the lost and the least, this is one of the places we need to be. As believers, we are called to make disciples. Some of the body has not yet been welcomed into the family because they have been written off, looked over or deemed unworthy by others. If we are there, loving and serving these people, we may just get to see and be a part of that. If we do nothing… at the very least, we have missed an opportunity God may have intended for us. 

BEN: Our efforts in Burlington are bearing much fruit and the long-term dividend is going to be ridiculous.  It is not always fun or flashy, but is exactly what I believe Jesus would do and has called us to do. Looking back to the late 90's I can see in hindsight how God was preparing this path and getting the local body of believers ready. We at Harmony have been blessed and have the unique chance to be a blessing in a much greater way.



Harmony Bible Church is 1 church with 4 locations: Danville, Burlington, Fort Madison & Nauvoo. Two of our campuses (Burlington & Fort Madison) currently meet in rented facilities. Multiply is our capital campaign to raise $4 million over 3 years for the purchase and renovation of facilities for our Burlington and Fort Madison Campuses: 550 Division St., Burlington & 1602 Avenue F, Fort Madison.

More info on Multiply




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