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Harmony Bible Church
  • Danville


      21589 DMC Highway 79
      Danville, IA 52623

      Service Times

      Sundays 10 AM

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      Campus Pastor

      Chris Carr

  • Burlington


      550 Division Street
      Burlington, IA 52601


      Sundays 8:30AM & 10:30AM


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      Campus Pastor

      Nathan Williams

  • Fort Madison

      Fort Madison

      1602 Avenue F
      Fort Madison, IA 52627

      Service Times

      Sundays 10:30AM

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      Campus Pastor

      Andrew Wiese

  • Nauvoo


      2125 Mulholland St.
      Nauvoo, IL 62354

      Service Times

      Sundays 10:30 AM

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      Campus Pastor

      TJ Widbin

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Membership means different things to different people. Membership means different things at different churches. Membership is the way Harmony's leaders have chosen to organize the care and development of our people. In short, here's what church membership means at Harmony.

To be a member means that Harmony can depend on you to:

  • worship Christ in all of life,
  • further its mission of being and making disciples,
  • meet the church's needs,
  • care for the church's people,
  • pray for and follow the church's leadership, and
  • represent Jesus and Harmony wherever I go.

To be a Harmony member is to essentially become a volunteer, part-time staff member. But it’s more than that. Membership is being part of the multigenerational, family organization where you are a contributing person. You are investing your heart, sweat, prayers, money, time, laughs, and hopes in the growth and success of Harmony’s people and our mission.

Our fullest explanation of this partnership is our Membership Covenant and you can read that here.

To be a member means that you can depend on Harmony to:

  • be faithful to Scripture,
  • help you know, love, and obey God,
  • shepherd your spiritual growth as a disciple of Jesus Christ,
  • support you in crisis,
  • encourage and confront you as needed, and
  • equip you for ‘word and deed’ ministry.

Membership is about committed relationships where we all depend on each other. Membership is a mutual agreement to partner in a missional life. As Scott Sauls has written, “Membership in a local church means joining your imperfect self to many other imperfect selves to form an imperfect community that, through Jesus, embarks on a journey toward a better future...together.”

Membership is the way Harmony's leaders have chosen to organize the care and development of our people. We are convinced of two things. One, God has called everyone at Harmony to be a disciple and to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Two, God has called our leadership to shepherd those in our church family towards these two goals. We feel the full weight of the fact that one day we will stand before the Lord and give an account for how faithfully we have cared for the people He has entrusted to us. Membership is our way of providing and promoting an environment where disciple-making can happen.

In order to become a member, you need:

  1. to make a clear profession of faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation,
  2. to demonstrate unity with the people and mission of Harmony,
  3. to read and be in agreement with Harmony's Constitution, and
  4. to complete the membership class and interview process.

 Membership Interest Classes

  • The next set of membership interest classes begins on Sunday, Sept. 17, at our Burlington, Danville, and Fort Madison Campuses. Sign up here. 

Membership Application



Ask Don Helton
Pastor of Discipleship & Theology